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During this first pose of the session, I get to know the baby a little bit. I observe how sleepy baby is, whether baby is started from sleep by noise in the room, or my chilly hands. Taking the time at the start of the session to assess how sensitive the baby is to changes around him helps me maneuver into other poses during the rest of the session. I can determine during this first pose if I need to put knit gloves on my cold hands, or turn on the white noise or have a pacifier handy. I can see during this 'baby on back' pose if baby needs the room totally quiet in order to stay asleep or if he is oblivious to the noise. Placing the baby on his back, either wrapped or unwrapped will demonstrate to me how strong baby's Moro Reflex is; this is the reflex newborns possess that appears like a big startle! I can also learn how strong the baby's root or grasp reflex is, which is all helpful information as I go about placing the baby in other poses.  

Thanks for taking a look at a few of my baby on back images and I hope you enjoyed learning some of the reasoning behind my posing order!

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Editing Newborn Skin Tutorial https://www.katemccoyphoto.com/blog/2019/2/editing-newborn-skin-tutorial Hey friends,


I've created another video tutorial! This time, I'm showing you my process for perfecting newborn skin, while still maintaining a natural appearance. No plastic skin please!

Check it out and let me know what you think!

Thanks so much!


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Outdoor Photo Editing Tutorial Video: Adding Depth and Richness https://www.katemccoyphoto.com/blog/2019/2/outdoor-photo-editing-tutorial-video-adding-depth-and-richness Here's a quick tutorial demonstrating how I add depth and richness to my outdoor images. You'll need a basic knowledge of Photoshop, and unfortunately, the audio and video isn't matching up perfectly. This is my very first YouTube video, so please be gracious with it's flaws. I hope to improve!


Thanks for watching!




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Newborn Color Corrections & Editing Tutorial https://www.katemccoyphoto.com/blog/2019/1/newborn-color-corrections Today I am sharing a glimpse in post production from a newborn session. This beautiful baby had a pretty good case of jaundice which showed strongly in the yellow cast to his skin. My philosophy regarding retouching babies and children is that temporary blemishes like baby acne and jaundice I edit away completely, unless requested not to. For permanent birth marks, these are not flaws but just unique features. I leave them as they are or if requested, reduce their appearance while still keeping them. I treat wrinkles on adults in the same manner. 


Here is the SOOC (Straight Out of Camera). You can see the yellow mostly on the left side of this face. We also obviously need to something about Dad's hand!


I like to start off by dealing with white balance and color issues right from the start.  I use the Hue/Saturation Adjustment Layer in Photoshop. I have an older version of Photoshop but it's working just fine for me.

1. Use the drop down menu to select "yellows".

2. Use the dropper and select any area on the face that is quite yellow. If the drop down menu remains selected to "yellow", I know I'm on the right track. If "yellow" changes to another color, then the area I selected isn't actually yellow. Our eyes can deceive us and the dropper will tell no lies about what color it is actually picking up.

I know- it's looking weird but it's all part of the process. 

1. Slide the Hue slider completely to the left. Your image will turn all kinda of crazy colors.

2. Slowly pull the left do-dad-thingy on the bottom color temperature slider. As you slowly slide, you will be able to restore much of the image to normal colors, leaving only the overly yellow areas in funky blues and purples. Now we have isolated the areas we want correct. 

With the overly yellow areas high lighted in the crazy blues and purples, we want to bring them back into normalcy but with more magenta than previously was there. In Photoshop the solution for too much yellow is adding magenta. To correct too much red, the solution is adding green. I often use this same process to reduce red where needed.

1. Slowly bring the Hue slider to the right. Stop when the color is not too yellow and not too pink.

As is usually the case, we may not want these color changes on the background. Invert the Layer and paint on the effect only where desired. When using this method to reduce red, I like to leave lips red, and use a brush at a low opacity to keep a little of the red on toes and places where it would naturally occur.

Once I'm satisfied with color and exposure, it's time to deal with Dad's hand. In this case, I opted to simply clone.

Tips for successful cloning are to always work on a layer, and zoom in very close. Use different clone sizes and opacity until it looks how you like!

The finished image!


In some images, I will actually create a composite image. I take a shot of the pose with parent's hands in 2 positions, while trying to keep baby in as close to the exact same position as possible. Using layers and a brush tool, I combine to the 2 images. And yes that is what you think it is in the "before" images. It's the risk I take every session! =) 


I hope you enjoyed a look at my editing processes! I do aim to get as much of the image just right in camera. Good light, and appropriate camera settings make a world of difference. Some poses , however, are just not safe or possible without a little editing magic.

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Newborns: Taco Pose https://www.katemccoyphoto.com/blog/2019/1/newborns-taco-pose Many of the babies I photograph enjoy this curled up pose, on their tummy. I often find my newborns relaxing into a nice, deep sleep with in the "taco pose". Of course, a small percentage of babies don't enjoy this pose, so for that reason it is not the pose I typically use start off a session. I like to spend a little time with a simple on the back in a wrap pose to get to know the baby's flexibility and comfort with poses. Baby is the boss for all my sessions and I pay close attention to how they like to be positioned, and never attempt a pose I don't think the baby enjoys.

It's obvious where the name comes from! This pose is gentling folding baby in half like a taco! In case you're wondering, I am not responsible for this name: it's been an established term among newborn photographers long before I ever picked up a DSLR. It's not completely accurate since the baby isn't literally folded in two. This would have to be a soft taco, not crunchy. 

Cupping baby's bum, I bring her legs under her belly as she rests her head on her hands. I love to see each finger stretched out when possible. Some newborns are adamant about maintaining a fist but I normally succeed in relaxing those sweet little fingers. I also aim to have one foot visible and resting against baby's elbow, but again, if baby is determined to have his foot where he wants it, he gets his way. 

See? Some babies love tacos right from birth!

A slight change in camera angle give the taco pose a different feel:  A slightly altered camera angle gives a different feel to this pose. An example of a newborn, who actually happened to be a 6 week old premie, who decided she would put her hands and feet where she liked them, thank you very much. Still a beautiful shot even if baby won the battle for seeing fingers and toes. Baby refused to show fingers or toes but still a sweet image!



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