Scheduling Your Session

Newborns photograph best during the first 5 to 10 days of life. Babies usually enjoy their photo session when they sleep through it. After two weeks of age, babies are more alert and many will develop acne or become fussier. Even babies who suffer from colic will typically have a calm and quiet first two weeks. I really make timing the session within the first two weeks of life a priority.

Scheduling your newborn session while still pregnant is the easiest way to guarantee availability. I’ll make a note of your due date so I can approximate when your session will be. When your little one arrives, simply include me in the list of people to call or email while still in the hospital so we can establish a firm date. If you have a planned c-section, we can schedule the session well before delivery. If you have already delivered your baby but are just now seeking photography, give me a call to check for last minute availability.

Newborn sessions will take about 2 to 4 hrs, depending on Baby’s mood. Sometimes babies sleep every second of their session and we get our shots quickly. Sometimes baby needs to be fed again, changed or just needs extra cuddles. I have lots of patience and aim for portraits of a contented baby, so we won’t rush.

Location of Your Session

I offer sessions at my home, which I temporarily convert into a studio. As a mom, I understand that the days after delivering a baby can be overwhelming and I want your newborn's portrait session to be relaxing and enjoyable, not one more thing to add stress. Relax on my couch and enjoy watching your baby look their absolute cutest.

Baby will be in their birthday suit, diaper covers or lightweight wraps for most of the session so we need a warm space. This means you and I will be uncomfortably warm but Baby will be just right.

If for some reason you need your newborn session to be held at your home, please note this will be a lifestyle session, not posed like the majority of my newborn images. I no longer bring my entire light set up and bean bag to client homes. In your home, I often use a portable flash and use mom and dad's bed, baby's room or any other photogenic location in your home. 

Preparing for Your Session

A sleeping, warm baby with a full belly is a happy baby that will photograph well. Ideally, baby will be fed right before the session. Please feed your baby just before driving over. 

Obviously, babies operate on their own schedules. If Baby needs to be fed right in the middle of our session, we stop and care for that. A mid-session feeding is almost always necessary, and I fully expect it. Baby is the boss but by doing everything you can to prepare, we’ll have a smooth session with plenty of patience and flexibility.

What to Wear for Your Session

I photograph newborns in their birthday suit. If you have an adorable, crocheted hat or a blanket grandma knitted, I love including sentimental or just downright cute accessories. If you have something in mind, let’s discuss it! I want you to love your portraits!

Adults and children who plan to be photographed should wear simple clothes that do not distract. Please avoid logos, words, characters or busy patterns.

Family & Sibling Portraits
The newborn session is focused on your brand-new baby. I've learned from experience that trying to fit in a family session at the same is not ideal. To ensure the best results possible, a newborn session is limited to one family or sibling pose. A note about matching outfits with siblings: Many times, a matching set for the siblings is planned but I have two cautions: Most poses make writing illegible. The adorable shirts saying "Big Brother" may be covered by the baby, or arms. Also, the newborn wearing only a onesie will not be as settled as a newborn that has been wrapped. Photos with the newborn in a onesie will often have baby's arms out and about as baby decides to move. A wrap keeps baby nice and posed, with their hands out of their face.

After the Session

Take a nap. =) Your images will be on an online album within 3 weeks. Often, I have them ready sooner. I will email you the link and access code for viewing and deciding which prints and sizes you would like to order. You should also select which image or images you would like used in the announcement.  The online album will be available for 2 weeks. Once you place your print order, via phone or email, the prints will be ready for pick up within 3 weeks of the order date. Again, if sooner, I’ll gladly let you know.

I am more than happy to answer any questions you may have. Pricing information can be found on the Pricing - Session Fee Page. I hope you enjoy your custom photography experience.